Are you a seasonal dieter and how to break free from the cycle?

I always associate September with WHSmith’s and a new pencil case. I used to love these trips with my Mum. Now I secretly engineer a visit with my children to salivate over the stationery, which I absolutely need obviously. New beginnings and all the freshness they bring, feel great. Just like the ebb and flow of the school calendar, dieti... Read More
Jun 09 2022
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Stress – Ten top tips using diet and lifestyle to help

Stress and diet are often linked together. There’s a lot your diet can do to protect you from the impact of the stress response biologically speaking, as well as to cope with the habits that stressful lives force upon us. Looking at the bigger picture of stress in relation to our diets and what we eat is key. If I to... Read More

Jun 09 2022
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Interview with Dr. Omid Rezazadeh on Iran International

You can watch the video of this interview below:   Read More

Jun 08 2022
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